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Nursing past 12 months

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Attached to a feed.....me, not them? [Sep. 24th, 2011|07:28 pm]
Nursing past 12 months


A question for the extended/post 2 year old breastfeeders...

For the record, nurslings are nearly 3 (in Jan) ID twin girls.

Okay, so milk is no longer for nutrition is the same way it was at 6 months, but it's still important right? I know I don't always have huge amounts anymore, but its enough to keep the girls satisfied and for nursing not to hurt, so I'm not fussed.

At the moment they nurse twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. The bedtime one they are very attached to, because its a firm part of the routine and they look forward to "milk in jammies." I've realised though, in the past week, that they aren't as attached to the morning milk. A few times this week they climbed into bed and snuggled with me and didn't ask for milk. In fact, they only seem to ask for milk if they have woken up earlier then they would have liked and can't get back to sleep or I'm not wearing a top and well, see and want. More and more though (thank GOD) they are sleeping through from 7 to nearly 7 (6:45/7) I'm pretty convinced that if the boobs aren't right there (e.g I'm wearing a top) that they would skip that morning session with no problems. So, on to my worries:

a) What if they drop this feed, and then suddenly sleeping goes wonky again (as it does with todders/young children) and they want it back? Will I get the milk back? Will it begin to hurt?

b) Do they still need that milk? I have no intentions of supplementing with formula/cows milk and I never have. They don't actually like cows milk anyway.

c) Is it odd that I'm sorta attached to that nursing session. If they do nurse, I get an extra bit of time lying in bed. Sometimes I can convince them to snuggle for a bit, but usually its up for a drink (since they are thirsty) and breakfast.

I know part of this is tied up with the fact that I am both looking forward to and dreading the end of my nursing relationship with my children. They will probably be my only babies, and I want to hold onto every precious moment of their childhood.

Thanks for listening.

[User Picture]From: preggo_geek
2011-09-24 07:08 pm (UTC)
That's about when I dropped the morning feed with my daughter, by making sure boobs weren't accessible in the morning and she just forgot to ask. She's 3 1/2 now, so we've been just nursing at night for a while now. And recently she's started skipping the night-time nursing session for a day or two at a time, but then wants to nurse extra on other nights, and it hasn't been an issue with not enough milk being there or any pain or anything. I
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[User Picture]From: sprgtime
2011-09-25 04:40 am (UTC)
My son dropped his morning nursing session when he was 2. Even with me being topless I couldn't get him to latch for more than a few seconds. :)

Really, I enjoy going topless at home. If I'm fully clothed he so seldom nurses.

My son is 3 and he nurses before bed most nights, for about 2 to 5 minutes. Some nights he skips nursing (even with me topless!) and just falls asleep.

I've had no trouble with my milk supply. It's still there whenever he wants/needs it and he's been done to once a day for at least 6 months. Plus there's only one of him. ;)
Whenever he's sick or gets hurt or scared, he'll ask to nurse and he does get milk.
I also frequently express a drop or two for first-aid purposes and I'm always able to instantly get out a drop to put on an owie. I do have the most milk in the evening, and I'm sure that's because it's the one time he has a consistent nursing time.

When he's been sick, he becomes less interested in solid foods and starts ramping up nursing to every hour or two during the day. Within 24 hours my breasts become engorged with milk and he's swallowing away at all they have to offer.

A mature, established milk supply is an amazing thing. :) I know mothers whose "babies" weaned 2 or 3 years ago and are now 7 years old... and they can still express milk as needed for first aid for the family.

There's a lot less to worry about at this age - just enjoy what you have. If you'd like more nursing, try going topless a bit more often. ;) Remember that "don't offer, don't refuse" is actually a weaning tactic, and don't feel bad for offering. You can't make a child nurse when they don't want to - it's very clear!
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