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A weaning-esque question... - Nursing past 12 months [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nursing past 12 months

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A weaning-esque question... [Dec. 3rd, 2011|06:04 pm]
Nursing past 12 months


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Just to be clear, my nurslings will be 3 in January. I suppose I am weaning them, in that we have a nursing rule: Milk is for jammy time. This means that at the moment, the girls have milk in the morning when they climb into bed and then after tea when they get into their PJs. I had been feeling a bit touched out prior to putting this in place, and was no longer enjoying our nursing relationship as much. This rule has helped me to enjoy nursing again.

I really wanted to be completely child led, but I feel like I need to have some input. While I want it to be child led, I want to end on a positive note which means taking me and my wishes into account. I'm also very keen to have it gentle for both sides. Especially because I feel that any forced and sudden weaning might bring on depression or anxiety for me.

That being said, I would like the morning session to be the next to go. There was a time when I thought it was going naturally, because they were sleeping later which meant a few days where I had to leave for work before they got up. I've also spent a night away from them, but all returned to normal when I came home. I love having them come into the bed in the morning and cuddle, but hate being forced onto my back for them to nurse as the cuddle isn't comfortable for me. Given they are twin toddlers, no other positions work for us anymore.

I think they mainly do this session because it's routine, and the cuddling and skin to skin contact is more comforting than the milk, which I don't even feel anymore in the morning.

How do I transition them out of this session? I'm happy to keep the evening one longer as that's our nicest one, and I feel that when I finally have that last nursing session, it will be in the evening.

[User Picture]From: dreamkate1
2011-12-03 08:35 pm (UTC)
I thought about that. Works quite well on days I work, but not days that I sleep in...Did you need to be dressed all the while, or just for a few days to break the habit?
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[User Picture]From: preggo_geek
2011-12-03 10:03 pm (UTC)
I want to say it was about a week or two that I gave up my sleeping in mornings and just got my butt out of bed before she did. Then on the few occasions that she asked to nurse in the morning, I just told her that we didn't need to nurse, but that if she was hungry/thirsty, we'd go down for breakfast. I also made sure I was at least wearing a tank top to bed for a while so that my boobs weren't quite as accessible in the morning when she did get in bed with me. Once she stopped asking for good, then I felt safe sleeping topless again.
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