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Supply drop - would you believe this is the first time I've had this issue... - Nursing past 12 months [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nursing past 12 months

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Supply drop - would you believe this is the first time I've had this issue... [May. 21st, 2011|05:16 pm]
Nursing past 12 months


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Okay, so I've read plenty of stories about supply issues. I know a lot of women worry about whether or not they are providing enough milk. Me, I've never thought about it. I should consider myself lucky. When they said my girls weren't gaining enough, I basically told them to shove it out their ear. Lo and behold, we eventually caught up and have been sitting happily on the 75centile for some time now.

My girls (ID twins) are *counts* 28 months, so just about 2 and a half. In other words, we are happily in extended breastfeeding land, having made the minimum 2 years. No weaning plans, I'm waiting for it to happen naturally.

Now that you have the relevant information, on to the question. I've had two stomach bug/issues in the past month. First the mother of all stomach bugs (all four of us had it, that was fun) and then this past week, another stomach upset meant I wasn't really eating or drinking. I'm trying to make up for it now, at least the drinking bit, but I can clearly feel that my supply has dropped. The girls will confirm this as well by telling me the milk is "all gone." They will happily suck dry though, which as you can all relate, is rather uncomfortable. I'm not stopping them, because I'm guessing that stimulation will help with my supply returning, but I have to limit it. When I'm curling my toes in pain, I have to distract. I've told the girls that it hurts mummy because she hasn't got a lot of milk, but they don't really understand.

So...I know I need to drink more, but do I really need to go the lengths of drugs etc. I don't actually think I am currently making that much to be honest, and I don't really mind how much milk the girls get as they eat a varied diet, but I do mind the pain. They generally nurse morning and night but occasionally more, especially when they are missing me (hence wanting more now, because I was inaccessable when sleeping in bed ill.)

I'm being kicked off computer (by toddlers)...but thoughts?

EDITED TO CONTINUE: Tonight I actually had to get the girls to share the left boob because the right one hurt soo much to nurse from. Supply right? I'm going to get the things for lactation cookies but I won't be able to get the ingredients until Monday or so...

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[User Picture]From: myzska
2011-05-22 03:49 am (UTC)
Agreed! Steel cut oats and maybe some lactation cookies, or fenugreek supplements should do the trick. Keep yourself hydrated if you can, over anything. All that drink to thirst talk and all. I'm sure you will be fine!!

So sweet that your babies are telling you about your milk, though! Mine is 24 months and isn't quite at the level of describing elements of nursing. So cute.
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