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1. Child info:  Yisroel Simcha, Izzy for short, born 2/11/10 2.… - Nursing past 12 months [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nursing past 12 months

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[May. 24th, 2011|02:04 pm]
Nursing past 12 months



1. Child info:  Yisroel Simcha, Izzy for short, born 2/11/10
2. Parent(s) info: Yael and Eli, both 29
3. A little about your nursing relationship:  Easy from the start, thank G-d.  He's always made the sweetest noise when he wants Oobie.  He lays in my lap and sounds like he is laughing desperately.  Of course, all attempts to record this noise have been unsuccessful. 
4. Things I like about nursing my toddler:  He just went through a miserable bout of teething and didn't want any solids, so he nursed like a newborn.  I knew he was getting all the nutrition and hydration he needed and he smelled AMAZING.  Not until they start eating solids do you realize how delicious that milky smell is. 
5. Things I would change or could do without:  His occasional inability to nap without a boobie in his mouth.  I really need to pee right now, but I'm tethered to a sleeping baby.

For your viewing pleasure - here's a picture from our Disney trip two weeks ago.  We were on the Mickey's Magical Express bus from the airport to the hotel.  We took other nursing pictures during the actual fun part of the vacation, but this one is my favorite.


[User Picture]From: alibee
2011-05-24 06:46 pm (UTC)
Yay!!!! Hi! :D /me waves
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[User Picture]From: mmc12
2011-05-26 12:38 pm (UTC)
welcome!! how seriously cute is that! Enjoy your beautiful boy. It looks like you had a super time at Disney. The name "oobie" for nursing just made me smile.

My kids are older (7.5 yo DD and 5 yo DS, each self-weaned a while ago) but I plan to stick around for a while and help out the other XBF mamas :)
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