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Child led weaning - Nursing past 12 months [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nursing past 12 months

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Child led weaning [Sep. 11th, 2012|08:02 am]
Nursing past 12 months


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For those of you practicing child led weaning, how long have you nursed for? My Nurslings will be 4 in January and I guess I'm looking for validation that this is normal.

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[User Picture]From: sprgtime
2012-09-14 03:56 am (UTC)
My nursling turned 4 in July.

Normal to me! :)

I know in the beginning, I expected his "child led" weaning to end much sooner... but I later realized I was comparing with kids who had younger siblings. He's my only, so there hasn't been a pregnancy or younger sibling taking the milk away.

He night weaned himself.
I've never cut out any nursing sessions.
I still offer to nurse him when he doesn't even request it, probably 4-5 times a week. Usually he says no.

He tends to nurse once a day, in the afternoon or evening, for about 2 minutes. He's been going every-other day for a few weeks, which he's done before in the past and then resumed daily again.

I'd like to get through one more winter before he stops. ;) I'm also hoping that I'll be one of those women who can still express a few drops on demand years after weaning, because I love having it on hand for topical uses.
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