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Nursing past 12 months [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nursing past 12 months

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asking for nursing vs. food [Mar. 2nd, 2011|10:33 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

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My almost 19-month-old has a huge vocabulary. She doesn't, however, ask to eat. She sometimes asks for specific foods--mainly jellybeans and her gummy vitamins :p--but she doesn't say she's hungry or that she wants to eat. Instead, she asks for milkies. Similarly, when she's tired, she will occasionally tell me she wants to sleep, but she usually just asks for milkies. The thing is, I can tell when she's tired. I can't always tell when she's hungry, and she needs to eat more; she's skinny and has only gained one pound since she turned one, and I think if I put food in front of her more often she might eat it. I wind up doing this whole dance routine: She asks to nurse, I sit down to nurse her, she nurses for ten seconds and then wanders away, I realize that she actually meant she was hungry, I get up to fix her/us something to eat while she hangs around my knees asking for milkies....

It's not a huge deal, but I feel like I can't read her cues, or maybe *she* can't tell what hunger feels like, and all she knows is that milkies make her tummy feel better?
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Introduction [Dec. 29th, 2010|08:11 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

[Current Location |United Kingdom, Norwich]

1. Child info: Charlotte Rose and Rebecca Sage, 23 month old ID twin girls
2. Parent(s) info: Kate (30) and Darren (32)
3. A little about your nursing relationship: All and all our nursing relationship has been a good one. The girls first feed was formula because I was too out of it (emergency c-section) but since then they have been proud boobie babies. Initally I thought I'd stop at one but I now know I'm in it for the long haul. I've not had supply issues although I did suffer from milk blisters and well meaning health visitors who tried to convince me to supplement (I didn't.) The girls struggled to latch well to begin with, but by six weeks I was tandem feeding without much issue and I've not looked back since.
4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: I like knowing they are getting quality nutrition even when they are being picky eaters. I love that they rarely get sick and that when they do, they are getting antibodies from me. I like calming them. I like being able to get them to sleep (for naps) when nothing else works.

5. Things I would change or could do without: At the moment I am struggling with one of my girls, Charlotte. She wants to be attached all the time, but only when we are home. I can usually distract her, but its very stressful and I feel its taking time away from her sister. Its not that I mind nursing her, but I don't like her demanding attitude. It's frustrating when her sister isn't doing this, although will sometimes mimic her sister just because.

I'm currently looking for a mentor, someone who has nursed multiples beyond 2 years, who can offer support and guidance that doesn't end with "you should wean them."

I know that some day my children will no longer nurse. I just don't want to force them, I want it to happen naturally.
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Introduction [Sep. 4th, 2010|10:22 pm]
Nursing past 12 months


1. Child info: Trent - 22 months (today!)

2. Parent(s) info: Connie (29) and Brandon (29)

3. A little about your nursing relationship:

We had a bit of a rough start with a tongue tie and thrush - but we overcame and I nursed/pumped while working full time since he was 2 months old.  I stopped pumping when he hit a year and they transitioned to sippy cups at daycare.  He wanted nothing to do with super fast flow boob milk. 

We finally got his tongue tie fixed in June.  It was a fight with the insurance company but he started talking the SAME DAY.  He is quickly catching up with how many words he is "supposed" to have.

4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: Instant owie repair - he asks so sweetly that I can't possibly say no - I get to cuddle with my little one when he usually wants nothing to do with sitting down

5. Things I would change or could do without: I occasionally wish that Daddy could lactate so I could sleep for longer - my son picks at the various moles I have (one on my shoulder and two on my stomach) and when he does I want to place him gently on the floor and lock myself in a room, it drives me nuts! - the LO reaching into my shirt all the time

I'm happy to have found this community - nothing against the breastfeeding community but I occasionally feel like I should know everything since I've been doing it for so long.
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intro! [Aug. 21st, 2010|10:55 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

1. Child info: Theodore, 11 mos - he'll be a year on September 7th, and we're not planning to wean before then, so thought I'd get started here in anticipation of the second year!
2. Parent(s) info: we're both 32, living in California though we're from Canada. I'm a SAHM right now but am semi-actively looking to go back to work. My husband is a software engineer at YouTube.
3. A little about your nursing relationship: we had a really awfully rough time at the beginning, partly due to bad information, partly due to my son being a little early (37.5 weeks) and a little small (5lb 7oz) and jaundiced. We did some supplementing, a lot of pumping, but since around 4 weeks or so he's been on the breast full-time, and other than some milk blisters (lecithin for the win!) everything has, thankfully, been great. He still eats very little solids and loves his boobs!
4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: even at almost a year, he's still so enthusiastic! We almost always nurse in the cradle hold and when I lay him down on the pillow facing me he opens his mouth wide and I have to hurry to get my boob out because he starts rooting like a baby bird. It's adorable.
5. Things I would change or could do without: my boobs being the only way he ever goes to sleep...; and the scratching/slapping/poking/kicking. He's brutal. I need to start enforcing nursing manners but it's very hard!

And one recent photo, SFWCollapse )
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Intro [Aug. 20th, 2010|12:31 pm]
Nursing past 12 months


1. Child info: Chaim (2.5 yrs) & Chayale (4.5 months)

2. Parent(s) info: Uri & Dina. Married 3.5 years.

3. A little about your nursing relationship: I am tandem nursing my toddler & infant. My toddler only nurses before bedtime now (I cut him down a bit from nursing during the day also).

4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: Being able to comfort him easily. When he pretends to nurse his toys.

5. Things I would change or could do without: The whining "Mommy, nurse. Mommy, nurse." rinse. repeat.
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hi! [Aug. 20th, 2010|10:13 am]
Nursing past 12 months

[mood |mellowmellow]

i've been looking forward to joining this community!

my little one turned 1 on august 2nd. she's been nursing like a toddler (with the acrobatics at least) since she was about 9 months though :) she's too busy to stop.

here is my intro:

1. Child info: Cecelia, the girl of a million nicknames including squid, squidoo, bugoo, babe-o & peanut butter. (squid because when i first tried to nurse her she seemed to grow arms. my husband had to help hold her tiny little body in place!) she's adorable, hilarious and very very busy.

2. Parent(s) info: Emily & Andy, both 31- he was actually more gung ho about breastfeeding than i was at first, to the point where i had to make him reassure me that if it didn't work he'd still love me! (of course he would, might have been some preggo hormones going on there) anyway- he's amazingly supportive.

3. A little about your nursing relationship: really it's been wonderful. i had OAL so her latch kind of sucks because she'd only nurse for like 5 minutes at a time. now i work on repositioning her a little more. i can't imagine being done now.

4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: being able to nurse sitting up. and that she'll sign for milk. i was absolutely one of those people who thought i'd quit once "they could ask for it" and now i think it's the cutest thing ever.

5. Things I would change or could do without: her teeth :( going back to the latch issues- it's hurt a lot more since she's got the top ones. also i don't mind the acrobatics, but she'll turn so her back is against me while she's nursing, and that breaks my brain a little. who knew the bewbs were so flexible.

picture, sfwCollapse )
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intro post [Aug. 19th, 2010|05:58 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

1. Child info: Matthew (aka Stinker) turns 2 in September

2. Parent(s) info: his father and I have been together for 3 years,  and are saving up money to finally have a wedding.  dad is a medically necessary vegan, while I love steak.

3. A little about your nursing relationship: other than a period of where he would bite me, so far so good

4. Things I like about nursing my toddler:  easiest way to get him to calm down/go to sleep, is the only time i get to snuggle with him (when he is feeling well, if he's not then it's all mommy, all the time!)

5. Things I would change or could do without: would have thrown out the formula samples i had got in the mail, and would have gotten a copy of Medications and Mother's Milk at the beginning, so that when i had to have my gallbladder taken out at 2 months pp, i wouldn't have had to pump and dump or give my son 2oz-ish of formula.
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Kinda awkward semi-NIP [Aug. 18th, 2010|01:27 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

My hubby, daughter, and I went to the state fair last night. Indiana's State Fair is awesome in that it has two "lactation station" places where nursing moms can nurse their babies in semi-privacy. The one I went to was a camper with enough room for about 6 adults to sit. There were 4 other moms in there when I went in to nurse Lily, and another showed up after I went in, so it was full. Again, that was awesome to see other breastfeeding moms.

What made it awkward was that Lily was probably a year older than the other nurslings. She's 17 months, and the oldest baby in the lactation station looked less than 6 months. I felt pretty out of place nursing a toddler beside 5 newborns/small babes.

One of the moms asked how old Lily was, and then told me how her older two kids were weaned at 14 and 16 months. The older one self-weaned, she said, and she weaned the middle by giving her a bottle of juice at bedtime instead of nursing.

I just nodded, but I was thinking "way to give that kid tooth decay!!" at the juice bottle at night. Not to mention that the older one probably just was on a nursing strike and not really self-weaning.

Oy. I guess it just made me feel like it's weird to be nursing a toddler... like no one else around here does it. It's not going to change that I want to allow Lily to wean herself, though!

xposted to breastfeeding
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Intro post -- hello! [Aug. 16th, 2010|05:52 pm]
Nursing past 12 months

1. Child info: Lily, age 17 months. Lily was born at 35 weeks on February 28, 09. She spent 2.5 weeks in the NICU.

2. Parent(s) info: Jean and Eric, married 3 years.

3. A little about your nursing relationship: I pumped for the first 6 weeks and got her nursing after that. Breastfeeding has gone pretty well since!

4. Things I like about nursing my toddler: How it soothes her when she's upset, how she says "uh-huh" when I ask if she wants to nurse, how natural it feels.

5. Things I would change or could do without: The "are you still breastfeeding" questions!
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Three years and a day. [Apr. 22nd, 2010|11:02 am]
Nursing past 12 months

[mood |contentcontent]

The longer I breastfeed my son, it strikes me as how utterly natural it is to still be nursing. It doesn't feel extended, it just feels like we're right on track.
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