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extendednursing's Journal

Nursing past 12 months
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This is a community for mamas who are or who are planning on breastfeeding their children past 12 months.

Breastfeeding past 12 months is certainly more than just about providing the best possible nutrition for our children; we are also giving much needed emotional support and physical contact. Nurturing our nursing relationships is what this community is all about.

Nursing toddlers have similar and different needs than nursing infants...this community is all about helping us support eachother through these concerns.


1. No drama.
2. This is not a debate community.
3. Absolutely no reposting of members' posts in this community anwhere in any shape or form. I will ban anyone who does this immediately without any warning.
4. All pictures behind an LJ cut. Please label the cut if it is not work safe.
5. We are supportive AT ALL TIMES even if we disagree. If you disagree with someone please ask yourself the following questions before commenting:

a. Is my disagreement related to safety of the mother or child?
b. Is the poster requesting feedback of the nature I want to give?
c. Can I say my thoughts without using put-downs, sarcasm, or other methods? C
d. Can I agree to disagree rather than continuing a "discussion"?
e. Am I open to hearing others' opinions that aren't in agreement with me and also responding to them with a supportive, non-judgmental manner?

6. All concerns related to this community should be brought privately to the attention of the moderator. The moderator can be reached at:

janisfan at livejournal dot com

Intro Posts

Please introduce yourself when you join! A suggested format is this:

1. Child info:
2. Parent(s) info:
3. A little about your nursing relationship:
4. Things I like about nursing my toddler:
5. Things I would change or could do without:

Have fun!